What should be eaten to increase concentration in studies?

If you eat properly and work on your body regularly, then you will be able to sleep less. I am studying a little bit now, so I sleep about 4.5 hours a day. What kind of food should we eat so that we can develop our life as a school or college student? What kind of food should we eat so that we can develop our life as a school or college student? We need to understand this.


Food has no religion, no culture. Food is just a torch for body. The influence of culture can be the difference of taste. After a while, the religious element can be added to the food. But at the end of the day, food is just a torch for this body. So which type of food will make your body struggle the most and affect you the most? Suppose you bought a petrol car and filled it with diesel.


Even after that, the car will run, but not in the best way. In the same way, you can eat different types of food. And still, somehow it will run properly.  But those who eat food with all their might, you can see a clear picture of how they work, their intelligence, etc. So in India, we gave different types of food for different people. If you work in the physical field, then you will eat in the same way.


Because you need more strength. If you work in any other type of business or do something else, then you will eat different types of food. If you are a soldier or a soldier, you will eat different types of food.  And now, if you live with education, spiritual practice, and the most important topic of your life, then you will eat different types of food. If you are an elderly person, in that case, the biggest challenge is to keep your mind calm.


These extraordinary students, what is written in them, it is written for all the ordinary students. It is written for everyone. It is not written for the intellectual students.

It is written in such a way, it is written for everyone, so that everyone can understand it. But still, so many people have to make so many efforts to read this book. To understand one thing, they have to read it ten times.


But, Isn’t it? How is it possible? So, what you need is a higher level of concentration, higher level of involvement, and the biggest enemy of the family is the schoolgirl. Because, the schoolgirls, even if they have a good time, the moment the door opens, even if it is 2 o’clock at night, the door does not open. But, even if the door opens at 9 o’clock at night, that is the time, that is the time to sleep.

So, sleep is another big enemy. So, no matter what type of food you eat, you will not feel sleepy or sleepy. In the pranayama, we see food like this.

Tamah, Rajah, and Sattva. Tamah means energy or intensity. Rajah means work, but no balance. Sattva means, a powerful force. When you are studying, then you need a kind of powerful force. Because, you have to concentrate on something, in which your desire does not come naturally.

It is not a subject, that you get along well with. If the subject is dear to you, then your mind is always in it. There is no good feeling here, but still, you have to concentrate on this subject. For this, you need a stable and unchanging mind. And for that, you have to eat in a pure way. In a very simple way, food moves through your body, through your digestive system.

From your mouth, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet, to your feet. You can do that too. They have the teeth of a deer, but not the teeth of a deer.

They only have incisors and canine teeth to cut the meat. That’s why they only do that. But all the non-believers are disgusted.  What do you have? Only two. That means your food is disgusting. Why is the food disgusting? Because there is something disgusting in the redness of the face.

If you take a little raw rice out of your mouth and keep it for a minute, you will see that it tastes sweet in your mouth. Because even if it stays in the mouth, the carbohydrate is broken down and converted into sugar. So if you eat properly, then it can be said that 30-50% of the food will be digested in your mouth. That means the digestive system of the stomach is expecting half-digested food or partially digested food. But the way we are eating at this time, it’s not just that we are eating by playing.

We are also eating partially digestible food. So the amount of food you need to get the same amount of strength has increased. The amount of food you eat more than you need to get the same amount of strength.  Because of that, laziness is born in the body. Because you have to process more food than you need. That’s why laziness.

If you have a lazy mind, your time to sleep will also increase. How many hours do you sleep? You guys? Eight hours. You guys are following the prescription. It’s not that you have to try to sleep less. That’s not a problem.

But if you eat properly, and work on your body, then you will see that you can reduce your sleep time by 2-3 hours in 3-4 weeks. You can easily reduce your sleep time by 1.5-3 hours if you eat properly, and learn to sit properly. Do you understand? If you can manage these two things, the weight of the seat, the tightness of your body, and the tightness of your body, then you will see that your sleep time will be reduced. In this case, for more than 25 years, I used to spend more than 2.5 hours in bed. Two and a half hours of sleep. Now I’m feeling a little sleepy.

So now, I spend about 4.5 hours a day in bed. But only 7 days a week. Okay? 365 days a year. It’s going on and on and on. Almost every day. My daughter doesn’t call me for a month.  So I wanted to know, what’s the problem? Why don’t you call me? She said, if you stay in the new city every 6 hours, what else can I do? I said, I understand. You are right. Sometimes, you have to go to 3 cities in a day.

So, the work is going on without rest. And today, many people around me are working like this. More than 150 people who live with me are working like this.  They spend 4 hours a day in bed. They work continuously for 7 days a week. They don’t get tired. They don’t get tired. They are happy.  They are great. What’s the secret? There are many reasons for this. But one important reason is, food.

How you eat. Not only what you eat, how you eat is also very important. Because food is a living thing. This is a simple thing, where all the girls can do. Look, even if you have small physical problems, laziness, or lack of concentration, eat only 40-50% of the food in a raw state. I mean, when they are alive.  When the vegetables are alive, it can be vegetables, fruits, nuts, peanuts, peanuts, the food you eat, 40-50% of it, which is alive. If you want to eat dead food, it’s difficult to do. Because you have to die now.

But if you eat alive, what you don’t keep in mind is, your mental state, your mental state, the amount of sleep, and above all, the place you stay. It’s not important. You have to be alert, right? How much alertness, how much intelligence, depends on this, the world will give you everything.  Isn’t it? How sharp is your intelligence, that will decide, whether the world will give you or not. Isn’t it? And another part of life, another part of food, when you eat something, the genetic code of that, is like, easy, simple nature. I mean to say, the software is very simple.

Like vegetables, fruits, peanuts, chickpeas, these are very simple. More complex means, animal, animal food, becomes more complex. Imagine, you eat an animal, which has its own instinct, has its own life.  Here, its code, then I was saying, that your body, memory, or intelligence, is only a part of it. I mean, it works like a simple software. Isn’t it? This is the most complex software.

Human software is the most complex software in the world. Everything else is like an animal. So, if you eat an animal, if you eat a plant, you will see, its complexity, may not be as complex as ours, but it is. Because their instinct, thought, and instinct. Now, to break that code, to unite with your own system, may not be a complete success. So, that will leave some traces of your own instinct.

You cannot break that code, and make it a part of yourself, because the code is complex in many ways. If you eat a leaf, or a vegetable, or a fruit, or a peanut, or a chickpea, those are very simple. If you eat a mango, those are the foods, that are far away from you. 


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