The Amazing Power of Your Mind – You Can Do Anything

Brain is not only of the body, it is the most complicated organ in the world. Do you know the power of your brain? I am betting that you can’t even imagine what your brain can do. There are some amazing facts about the brain, which your brain’s energy can burn a light bulb and all that.


But if I tell you all these facts, you will say what will happen after knowing all these facts. But there are some things about this small organ that you should know. And if you want to progress in your life and want to be successful, then you should definitely know about these unheard facts.


If you are thinking how can we be successful by understanding our brain, then this is a valid question. Because we are not taught all these things in schools or colleges. But watch this video till the end and you will understand everything.


To understand the powers of our brain, we have to do some comparison. If we compare the mind with the most powerful thing in the world, i.e. computer, then we know that computers are nothing in front of our mind. You must know that computers are of many types.


Basically, if we talk about normal computers and supercomputers. Forget about normal computers, our brain is faster than any supercomputer. And it is faster than mobile processors and many other things.

In many artificial intelligence tests, it has been found that our brain is 30 times faster than the world’s fastest supercomputer. It means that your brain is faster than any human-made machine. And your brain is no less than a miracle.


A computer can store thousands of songs, pictures and movies on average. But in today’s world, all this comes in a finger-sized device. It’s amazing, isn’t it? But your brain works at a speed of 10 quadrillion, i.e. about this much operation per second.

And supercomputers’ processors are not even close to it. As I told you in the last video, our brain is divided into two parts. Conscious and subconscious mind.

In the last mind video, I told you about the powers of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind is very powerful. You know this.

I told you about the ways to take something to the subconscious mind in that video. In that video, I said that if you take something to the subconscious mind, then no one can stop it from becoming reality. That is, you can do what you think in reality.

That is, if you can think of yourself as a rich and successful man, then definitely it is possible in real life too. Now you must be thinking that if this was the case, then everyone in this world would be Ambani and Bill Gates. But friends, know this that those who are successful today, they know how to control their subconscious mind directly and indirectly.

And most people in the world don’t even know about it. I know that I will have to tell you in a logical way that how does it actually work. So listen bros, when something goes into your subconscious mind, then it changes the vibration of your body.

What is your body? Basically, if we look deeper and go deeper, then in the end we find that your body is nothing but a vibration of electrons, protons and neutrons. You can say that your body is an energy. In a particular vibration.

You must have heard this word, FEEL FEEL This word FEEL is related to vibration. Suppose you ask a person, How are you? Then he will say, Yeah, I am fine. Or I am good.

Or I am great. No one will say that today my vibration is low. Or today my vibration is high. But this is exactly what happens. Why are you living in this world? The answer to this is very simple. For happiness.

And what is happiness? Higher vibration. Why do you get more marks in the exam? For happiness. Why do you get money? For happiness.

So this happiness is a higher vibrational state. When you are happy, then your body vibrates at a high speed. And when you are sad, then your body vibrates at a low speed.

So you always want to be happy. This means you always chase high vibration. But in this stressful life, it is very difficult to be happy.  Right? Wrong. Difficult for those people who do not know anything about their subconscious mind. Being happy is simple.

You just have to give instructions to your subconscious mind. So that your subconscious mind brings your body to a high vibrational state. Your subconscious mind is completely open.

You can literally fill anything in it. In the previous video of the subconscious mind, I told you how to feed something in the subconscious mind. If you haven’t seen it, then I have given the link in the description.

After the end of this video, you can watch that video too. But how to contact the subconscious mind? I am telling you about it right now. For this, you have to close your eyes.

After closing your eyes, try to empty your mind. That means control your thoughts. After that, think about what you want.

Think about what you want. And focus on that thought. At that time, nothing else should happen in your mind.  Except what you want. And in this state, stay in this state for 2-3 minutes. And open your eyes.

How does this work? Listen. Suppose you want a car. Okay. If we look at that car in depth, it is also made up of electrons, protons and neutrons. So that is also a particular vibration. And your body also has a vibration.

When you think about that thing, your body’s vibration tries to match the vibration of that car. And the whole universe gets engaged in that work. And if you do this daily, then after a while, you will find yourself in that car.

That means what you think, you attract in your life. The negative things, like stress, anger and tension, all come in the lower vibration. And you will notice that after meditation, you will feel very stress-free and light.

This is because when you calm your mind, then you go into a higher vibration. In this way, along with fulfilling your desires, meditation helps you to get into a good state. This whole world is a game of vibration.  Everything is just vibration. We always hear that we should do good work. Some people must be thinking that what is the use of doing good work? It won’t do any good.

It will just get you into a high vibrational state. You notice that sometimes we feel happiness for no reason. That happiness is not connected to anything in the world. It is causeless happiness. It is also a high vibrational state. We always think that we should think positively.

But if you are a deep thinker, then you will say, what is the use of thinking positively? So the answer is also the same. The vibration of positive things is very high. And if you are stuck in a negative condition, then you should think positively and bring your body and mind into a high vibrational state.


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