Most Effective Tips to get out of your Comfort Zone for Success

If you are one of those people who want to do a lot of things in their life and business but are not able to do it. Or if you are one of those people who think that there is a lot of knowledge, potential, talent, I can do a lot of things. But even after that, they are not able to utilize their talent, then this article is for you.


And today’s article can prove to be game changing for you. Because in this article, I will discuss 5 practical ideas and insights with you. Which will empower you so that you can break your comfort zone forever.


You can fully activate your potential and not write your dreams but live your dreams in reality. So get ready, we will discuss 5 amazing ideas which will break your comfort zone forever. But before you can break your comfort zone, first understand this story properly.


It is a very old story. Once upon a time, a king gave two beautiful magnificent eagle birds to another king. So there were two baby eagles which a king gifted to another king.


And that king was crazy about eagles. He had amazing eagles in his palace. But these two new eagles, he had never seen such beautiful eagles before in his life.

And this is called love at first sight. So even after keeping and raising hundreds of eagles, that king fell in love with these eagles at first sight. He just fell in love with them.


And he called his best of the best caretakers. And he gave him the responsibility to take care of these two eagles. And for a few months, his caretakers took care of these eagles.

They used to feed them the best of the best. They used to take care of everything. And every time the king went to see those eagles, they used to become more beautiful and more magnificent than before.

The king used to go to see those eagles every month to see if they were being taken care of properly. And every time he went to see them, he used to see those two eagles more beautiful and more magnificent than before. And the king was impatiently waiting for the moment when he would see these two eagles flying in the sky.

And after a few months, the time came when those two eagles were ready to fly. The king told his caretakers to prepare the eagles for flying. And in a field, the king, his ministers and some guests from other countries had also gathered.

Because the king had a strong belief that the flight that these two eagles will fly, no other eagle has ever flown so magnificently. Those two eagles were sitting on a branch of a tree before flying. They were sitting on a branch of a tree where they used to sit every day.

So the caretaker gave them a sign to fly the eagles. And both the eagles started flying very beautifully with grace towards the sky. The first eagle was flying continuously, flying around that ground.

But the second eagle came back to that branch after flying for 2-3 minutes. The caretaker tried to make it fly again and again. The caretaker tried to make it fly again and again.

But the first eagle kept flying up and up. And it was looking really magnificent. But the king was very sad and disheartened that why the second eagle was not flying.

So he quickly called the caretaker and asked him why the second eagle was not flying. Both the eagles are the same, both have come from the same place. One is flying so magnificently in the sky and the other is sitting back on the branch.

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And the caretaker had no answer. He said, King, this is how it is from the beginning. As soon as the second eagle flies, it comes back to its home and sits on the branch.

But the king loved both the eagles very much. And the king wanted the second eagle to fly like the first one. And the king had no other way.

So he announced in the whole city that whoever teaches the second eagle to fly, he will be given 1000 gold coins as a reward. And 1000 gold coins were a very big amount. Because of his greed for the reward, many wise and intelligent people used to come every day and try to make the eagle fly.

But no one managed to make the second eagle fly for many months in a row. Every time when the eagle was pointed to fly, it flew. But after a minute or two, it sat back on its branch.

The king was really very sad. Hope was breaking away. And there came a point when he felt that maybe the second eagle will not fly.

One day the king was roaming in his palace. So he suddenly saw a miracle that both the eagles were flying in the sky in a magnificent way. The king could not stop.

He immediately called the caretaker and asked him how did this miracle happen? How did the second eagle start flying? The caretaker said that an old man came from a very far village. He did something amazing and the second eagle started flying. The king immediately called the old man.

First of all, he gave him 1000 gold coins. He gave him 2000 gold coins. He asked him, how did you do this? The king said, I am not very knowledgeable.

I do not have much knowledge. I have not read all the scriptures. But when I saw this eagle, I observed one thing again and again that it comes back and sits on that branch.

So I cut that branch. Now there is no space left to sit next to the eagle. So it has no choice.

It will keep flying. We are all like that other eagle. Our potential is going to touch the heights of the sky.

We can do whatever we want in life. But we all have a branch. They fly a little, try a little and come back to that comfort zone and sit on that branch again and again.

This branch, this comfort zone is stopping us from progressing in life. And if you agree with this, and if you know that this branch will have to be cut, this comfort zone will have to be broken, then stay with me for the next few minutes in this article. Because now I will tell you 5 easy, practical ways with which you can break your comfort zone.

1. Learn to manage your fear. Do you know why you can’t come out of the comfort zone? There is a big reason for many people. They feel that they are afraid that if they don’t fail, if this thing doesn’t work, if he refused, if the result of this meeting doesn’t come.

And this fear haunts them so much, this fear scares them so much, so they remain in their comfort zone. They only do those things in which there is no fear of rejection, in which there is no fear of failure. But in my life, until you do something new, you will not get great success.

Because if you keep doing old work, you will get old results. If you want new results, you will have to do new work. And when you do new work, it is not necessary to be afraid.

It is natural to be afraid, everyone thinks so. You just have to remember this thing that don’t drive away fear, learn to manage fear. If you want to do your work, then you do your work.

Fear will keep on scaring you. You keep on being afraid and at the same time, keep on taking your action continuously.

And one thing I have understood in life, there is only one way to drive away fear, the thing that scares you, do it continuously, do it again and again. And do so much, do so much, until you forget that you were ever afraid of it. So, let go of fear, and keep on doing your work continuously.

Today, we will discuss 5 ways in this article. All 5 of them are very practical, anyone can easily implement them. I have already discussed one, that manage fear.

I will tell you 4 more quickly. The second one is, surround yourself with confident people. Surround yourself with confident people.

Those people who have faith in themselves, live with such people, and be in their circle. What is confidence? Confidence is, not to be afraid of taking action. This is called confidence.

Who speaks well on stage? Those who have confidence to speak well. Who gets good results in sales meeting? They have confidence. What is the first link of communication? Confidence.

When you live around those people, who are confident, then the confidence within you, automatically arises. Because there were 4 people with you, and those 4 said, I will do it, 2nd said, I will do more than this, 3rd said, I will do more than this, 4th said, I will do something amazing. So, you can’t just sit there quietly, thinking, I am seeing, I am making up my mind, maybe I will do it, if it happens, if he says so, if he doesn’t say so, nothing my friend.

You are a group of 5 people, and 4 of them are confident, people who have courage, people who take decisions. So, believe me, you too have strength from within. We used to read in Hindi, that in school, when you see a melon, the color changes.

Attitude is contagious my friend. So, surround yourself with confident people. They empower you, inspire you, to take new actions, and automatically, slowly, when you take new actions, what will happen? Your comfort zone will automatically break.

3rd thing, which can help in breaking your comfort zone, never forget your dreams. Never forget your dream. Always remember your dream.

Whenever you feel, I can’t do it, I am tired, I feel like quitting, I don’t know, I can’t do it, I have doubt, fear, hesitation, you have tiredness, exhaustion, you feel like quitting, then remember once, why did you start? Remember that dream, which always used to shine in your eyes, and you used to feel, I will do this business, I will do this meeting, I will choose this profession, so from here, my dreams can be fulfilled. When you remember those dreams, then you get the strength again, to move ahead. If your own dreams are not working, then work for your loved ones.

Dream for your loved ones. Remember the face of your parents, what happiness you want to give them, that they are your husband, wife, brother, sister, your children, what is that work, which if you do, then their dreams will be fulfilled, and they will be proud of you, they will get all the happiness in life, from safety. When you remember all this, then suddenly, you will get the strength, to come out of that comfort zone.

I am going to discuss two more amazing things, and you have to tell me after this article, that what did you learn from this story, and which of these five ideas, you will personally use, to break your comfort zone. The fourth thing, which does this amazing work, is called negative visualization. Till now you must have heard, about the visualization of pause, think about the pause.

Sometimes, thinking negative in life, does a great job. What is negative visualization? You think once, that the action, which I know, I should take, but still, I am not taking it. If I don’t take that action, then what bad things can happen to me.

What can be worse than the worst, if I didn’t take that action today, which I have decided to do. When you think about those consequences, and if you don’t feel, that it is not a big deal, even if it doesn’t happen, it is not a big deal, and whatever happens, I will bear it. Then you are there, and your comfort zone is there, stay there all your life, no problem.

But if those consequences, the results you are going to get, in the next few months and years, because of your inaction, if they scare you, then leave everything, get to work, and get ready, to fulfill your dreams. So we have discussed four things, to break the comfort zone. First, learn to manage fear.

Second, keep yourself around confident people. Third, never forget your dream. Fourth, if you don’t take action, then what can happen, what will be the consequences, remember them.

And fifth and last, take small steps, take small, small, small steps. Most of us, why can’t we build habits, or why can’t we achieve big goals, because one day, we get some excitement, watch a article, watch an online course, read a book, a new year has come, and all of a sudden, we take ten times the target, which we used to average, and we feel, if we take a big revolutionary step, then it will be successful. But my friend, if you take very big goals, and daily targets, then in two, three, five, seven days, the wind will blow away, you will forget everything, and life will not come back, from where you started.

Take small, small targets, slowly, start working on those targets, and you can create a magical, beautiful life, for yourself. So, these were the five ways, through which you can break your comfort zone, which of the five did you like the most, and which one will you use, do tell me, and I will request you, to share this article, with everyone, share this article, on WhatsApp, Facebook, , Instagram, Telegram, wherever you can share this article, share it with maximum people, because people have talent, they have potential, they have power, they want to do a lot, they can do it, but they are not doing it, because this is a comfort zone, like the second eagle, that eagle, that eagle is stopping them, one share of yours, can help them, in cutting this thorn, and can be the turning point, of their life, so share this article, with maximum people, don’t forget to comment, which strategy, you are using, and never forget, I have one dream, I want to see you, at the top.


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