Magical Success in Your Life is Possible : Let’s Know the Tricks

Hello friends, do you believe in magic? Western writer Rewald says that those who do not believe in magic, they never get it. What magic is being talked about here? Can this magic change our lives? There is a book called The Magic. There are many mysteries in the book titled Magic through which we can bring magical changes in our lives.


This book is also a part of The Secret Book. Come friends, let’s know about this magic. Do you remember when you were young, you had an enthusiasm for this magic. You believed in it. You hoped that whatever you wanted would come to you by magic. It did not matter to us how that thing came to us. But no matter how, our wishes were fulfilled. But as we grew older, our faith in magic kept rising. And good things from our life kept getting away.


The magic of our mind shone in everything we did. Whether it was our milk teeth or the act in which we used to take a copy pen and get it signed by children. And we used to take that paper under the pillow at night and go to sleep. With the hope that the next day we will get what we want. However, we were not at all surprised by the fact that I don’t know how a Santa Claus can bring what he wants to every child in the world. We used to believe in fairies.


There was a life in our toys. We could touch the stars and our dreams came true. Our heart was always full of joy and excitement. There was no limit to our imagination. And we knew that this life is magic. When we were children, we used to see this world with great wonder and reverence.


This world was exciting for us. Even the smallest things filled us with wonder. Seeing colorful butterflies, our hearts began to flutter. Every small and big thing in this world surprised us. But why did we lose this feeling while growing up? Why did responsibilities and difficulties blow away the bubble of our happiness? And our life became so hopeless that the magic we believed in in childhood gradually faded away. We all had this great feeling that everything is good.

Every day promises a new excitement and joy. No one can stop us from this excitement. Today we like to be around children. One of the reasons for this is that we want to live this magical feeling again for a few moments. Just like a child who sees this world with magical eyes like us. The magic book tells us that the magic we believed in is not imaginary, but true.


And if it is a lie, then it is a sheet of our vanity that destroys our love for life. The more real you are, the more real this magic of life is. The more wonderful you thought this life and this world in childhood, in fact, it is much more wonderful than that.

Once again, your life can be exciting, exciting and delightful. But how? For this, you will have to live that magic again. But how can we live this magic again? Can we get the life of our dreams with this magic? Yes, friends, everything in this world is possible with this magic.

When you learn to use this magic, you are surprised that why did you stop believing in this magic of life? So are you ready to experience this magic again? Once again, to fill your life with the same surprise and faith, just like it was in your childhood, then get ready to go on this journey of magic. This knowledge written in different religious texts of this world has been mentioned in the magic book. But the writer expresses her grief that they have been misunderstood for thousands of years and people misunderstood the meaning of this mystery.

When we solve the mystery hidden in these religious texts and understand its true meaning, then a new world begins to open in front of us. For centuries, this mystery has been unknown to people and its answer is hidden in just one word. And this is the magic wand with which we can live an exciting life.

This word is gratitude. The person who has understood the mystery of this magical word in this world, has entered his magical world. When the complex sentences of these religious texts are simplified, then it becomes as clear as a mirror.

It is surprising that when they were written thousands of years ago, they were as true as they are now. But unfortunately, we do not have time to be grateful in our life. And this is the reason that whatever we have, it gradually starts to go away from us.

Our faith in the magic of this world begins to arise. But once again, you can be grateful and get all the things that are not in your life. As written in the book, this entire universe works through this rule of gratitude.

It not only manages our entire life, but also regulates the movement of all the planets from a single atom to the universe. This is the rule that gives strength to the rule of attraction, because of which the efforts of every living being remain connected. And the physical form of everything in this world can be maintained.

This rule works on thoughts and emotions in our life. Because we are also energy, and the energy we give, the way we feel, we get it back. That is, we attract it.

After this, the writer says that if you think that we do not like our job, or we do not have enough money, or we cannot find an ideal life partner, or I cannot cure my disease, or my relationship with my family is not good, or my child does not listen to me, then you attract the experiences related to such feelings towards you. On the contrary, if you think about the things you are grateful for, like I love my job, my family is helpful, my holidays were excellent, and today I am experiencing wonder, then this gratitude, like a magnet, attracts as many developed and loving experiences in your life. The rule of attraction works in this way.

After this, the writer, in the discovery of the scientist Newton, saying some basic rules, that he had discovered the principle of motion in this world. This principle was that every action has an opposite reaction. When we apply the principle of gratitude to Newton’s principle, then it is explained in this way that every act of gratitude always gives birth to an opposite process of getting.

That is, what you get is always equal to the amount of gratitude given by you. Friends, this is a scientific fact, so simplifying it, the writer says in other words that the more we are grateful, the more we get. After this, the writer has mentioned the feeling of the entire human race tied in this golden thread of gratitude and all religions and cultures.

She writes that from thousands of years ago, from the beginning of the human race, the power of gratitude has been told. And it has also been studied. This was the only feeling that from one culture to another, successfully interchanged.

This is the reason that it is present in all religions of the world equally and is at the root of all. The writer tells about some such people who are the oldest group of Australia, such as Maasai and Zulu, to the Navajo, Shawnee, Cherokee, Tahiti, Eskimo and Maori people of America. Gratitude is at the root of their oldest traditions.

Whenever you wake up in the morning, thank for the first light of the morning. Thank for the power of your life. And thank for the joy of eating and living. If you do not see any reason to thank, then also thank. There were many people in history who not only practiced self-gratitude, but their achievements brought them to the feet of the great men of this world. Dalai Lama, Gandhiji, Shakespeare, Einstein, Newton, Plato, Martin Luther King Jr., Leonardo da Vinci, etc.

Albert Einstein’s scientific discoveries have changed our way of seeing the world. But even more surprising is that when he was asked about his great achievements, he only mentioned to thank others. How could this happen? How could such a great scientist give credit to his achievements only to this feeling? Did he solve the riddle of this mystery? Einstein was one of the most influential scientists of all time.

But he thanked others more than 100 times a day Was this the reason why so many mysteries were revealed to Einstein? Is it surprising that Albert Einstein made the greatest scientific discoveries of history? He felt gratitude every day in his life and in return he got many forms of prosperity. In the same way, Isaac Newton also gave credit to his scientific discoveries by giving this feeling that he was standing on the shoulders of some great people. Which meant that he was grateful to the people who came before him who inspired them.

Anyway, in this era of fashion, the more we are moving forward, the more we are forgetting the power of gratitude. Our faith is rising even more and this thread of magic is getting weaker and weaker. The scientists, inventors, philosophers, researchers and people who had the practice of this feeling got good results of it and by saying goodbye to this world, they left this mystery in this world.

Friends, in this book, the author shares her experience about this feeling and says that when a person ignores gratitude, then how his life is. The author’s own story is an ideal example of this. But at the same time, when the same person makes gratitude a part of his life, then how big a miracle he can do, this is also his tongue.

Before knowing this mystery, the author definitely did not believe it. Neither did she know what is the real meaning of gratitude. The author says that by saying thank you on rare occasions, she could not be called a grateful person.

Without this feeling, her life was very challenging. She was in debt and it was increasing every month. Anyway, she worked hard, but still her financial situation was not getting any better. Gradually, she was under constant stress and responsibilities. Her good relationships were also becoming destructive because she did not have enough time for anyone. She was healthy, but she was exhausted by evening.

In every season, she was surrounded by cold and other minor diseases. In the meantime, sometimes she used to spend a very good time with her friends. She had kept herself alive from one day to another day and then from one salary to another salary. But as soon as one problem of her life was solved, the other problems disappeared. But after this, this mystery changed her life like magic. She started practicing gratitude and the result was that there was a change in every aspect of her life.

The more she expressed gratitude, the more miraculous the results were and her magic belief in life was restored. Friends, after this, Lekhika challenges in different ways like health, money, relationships, job, etc. through different chapters in the book.

How to change your life with this magic in these 28 days has been shown in this book. I hope you will like this book.


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