How to Start Freelancing  and Master your Skill : Step-by-Step Guide

After trying in various sectors a lot, you might have noticed that no benefit is there without developing a skill and monetize that in proper platform.  You have lost your long years in various field in search of earning a handful amount every month but failed to make it. I will just say that it is right to delay. Because this article is going to be one of the best information on freelancing, which you will get on the whole blogging industry and youtube.


At here, I am going to share a complete roadmap with you. A to Z, step by step, how you can become a freelancer and start online earning. Not only this, but at every step, the course, the training you will need, I will share it with you in this article.


And the best part, all the resources and courses that I am going to share with you in this article, they are all free. You need not to invest a single rupee. There is no paid course.


I am going to share all the resources for free. So these next 10 to 15 minutes of reading can prove life-changing for you. Because even if you find so much value with free courses, it is very difficult to find.

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What is freelancing?

For those who do not know, let me tell them. Those who are new, want to come in this field. You must know the basic concept of freelancing?  See, all the freelancers we have, we explain it in one word and that is digital labor. You have to get your house painted. You call the painter. Explain the work to him. He tells you the price. He tells you the time. You have a contract. He does your work and leaves. Then you pay him in return.

You have to make a house. So the artisan comes. The laborer comes and you will make a contract. When he does your work and leaves, you pay him. Similarly, this is the field of freelancing.


You guys should have any skill i.e video editing,  Graphic designing,  Web development, Data scientist,  Programming, Web development etc. You may do any work if you have a skill.  You sell your service to clients. And in return, they pay you. That’s it.

So this is a simple definition of freelancing. Let’s go to the roadmap. But for a little motivation, I would like to tell you that After all, how much money can you earn from freelancing?

A young boy in 2017, started his career with  8000 rupees. As an office boy in which he had no leave in the whole month. So you can also understand his financial condition. he agreed to work in 8000 rupees and started his career as an office boy. After that, he also did multiple jobs and along with those jobs, he kept learning online.

With jobs, he started freelancing part-time and finally, he is now a full-time freelancer and content creator.

He is living a very good and decent life by the grace of god.  So as a freelancer, you have unlimited opportunities. You can earn as much as you want. But the condition is this.

You have to work hard. Your skill must be good. You would have to work with dedication.

If agreed, then ready to earn a lot of money. So now I will tell you the complete road map of freelancing. That you have to follow for the next 6 months.

If you agreed to follow these for 6 months, as described here, success is in your footstep.

So these 6 months can change your life. You have option to calculate your future. What will you choose? The struggle of 6 months or the struggle of 60 years? What will you choose? Obviously, you will want to grind yourself for 6 months. But after that, you will earn good money throughout the life.  Don’t just see that you will earn good money. You see how big its impact is. Your family’s life gets better because of you. Your relatives, your neighbors your surrounding will be effected by your success.

So, you don’t just spend a very good life. In fact, by the grace of god, by your connection, many more people’s lives get better. So think big first. Because when you think about all these people, the aim will be larger and more purposeful.

So I have full hope that your motivation level is very high. So that’s why I’m going to share this road map with you. You have to give yourself only 6 months in learning at your own just investing your time, not money.  If you are a very good quick learner. Then you will see your progress in 2 to 3 months. Your earning will start from second month, if you desire.

Do you have any concept, how do you work as a freelancer? How to improve your communication skills? Because , if you don’t know English, it will be very tough to work. So all those things, those tips and tricks.

You can sit comfortably and watch it in one and a half hours. You just have to do one thing. You have to take a diary pen and pencil like this.  Video link is here

Some more Free Courses for Freelancing :-

Make notes. Whatever points you know in it. You just heard them once.

Write and read. These things will fix  in your mind. Because in the future, there will be a lot of recall.

A lot of things have been taught here. You can also do that.

And start your career. I will tell you the best part of this playlist. If you don’t have a good laptop Or a good PC. If you have a mobile,  you may start your journey from there too.

So please. I highly recommend this playlist. See this.

In my opinion, Fiverr is a very good platform for a beginner. There are others as well. Go to Upwork. Go to There are many other platforms. You can also work there as a freelancer. But in my opinion, Fiverr is a good platform.  There is also a little biased opinion.

During first month of learning  you will start feeling that yes, I know something. I have learned something.  Your confidence level will automatically increase. So far we have talked about free resources. Now let’s go to the paid part.


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