How to Make your Computer your Personal ATM

Do you think that ATM’s are only available at banks and credit unions?  Think again.  Your computer can become your own personal ATM machine.  How can you turn your computer into a money making machine?  Jump into the world of internet marketing.  An Internet marketing business is not only profitable, but can be started quickly and affordably.  Nowadays, using some simple steps you can start it without any computer skill & Earn huge money as you desire and put effort. Internet marketing business is known as digital marketing. 


What should you do first to start an Internet marketing business?  You need to create a website that reaches millions of potential customers all over the globe.  There are hundreds of software programs, companies, and offerings out there.  If you are not familiar with Internet infrastructure then you may have a difficult time trying to find the right company to host your website.  We have taken the confusion out of this situation for you by providing references for the best software tools to help get you started.


Lets know the tools you need to begin building a website.  References to valuable resources for domain, web hosting, and  push notifications services are available in this article.


First, you will need a domain name.  Domain names are the text that users will type into the Internet to access your website.  Think carefully about your domain name so that it is relevant to your product or service.  Once you have a domain name in mind, you need to make sure that it is not taken.  You can type it into your Internet browser and see if anything comes up.  However, it is good to check this through the domain provider we recommend which is


When you purchase a domain name at , make sure that you also have the web hosting service.  Your domain is of no use without hosting service .  Hostinger provides quality Web Hosting services.  If you purchase web hosting services, you will get a free domain.  This web hosting Service Company is top notch because you receive ultramodern fastest one web hosting space for your commercial website. Hostinger is a very low cost but quality web hosting service. I am using this service for a number of my websites.

Next you will need to set up “Push notification services”.  A smart push notification is one that automatically sends emails or forms to users in order to capture their personal information.  Make sure that your Notification service captures the following information:  first name, last name, email address, tmobile number..  Many WordPress plugin is available for free also. Webpushr is one of the most effective free notification service.


Once you have these tools in place, you are ready to create your website.  Change your personal computer into a cash cow today!

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