How to get out of Depression? Dream-Courage-Determination

There is no teacher greater than difficulty and trouble. Bear Grylls writes in his book Mud, Sweat & Tears that this thing fits perfectly on my life.


“I was a 21-year-old S.A.S. soldier. I had youth, health and girlfriends. Then an accident led me to paralysis.


It made me depressed and exhausted. Bear Grylls says I faced my fears and shortcomings. I learned 4 lessons.


With the help of which I not only came out of depression but I never looked back in my life. That day the parachute did not open. Bear Grylls says I was an experienced parachutist due to special forces.


I had jumped from the plane many times. But that day I felt that despite the parachute opening the speed of falling down did not decrease much. I lifted my head and looked up. I was scared. I saw that the parachute was not fully open. Bear Grylls says I started pulling the ripcord of the parachute by shaking it so that the parachute opens completely. But due to this shaking I came very close to the ground. Now I did not have time to open the reserve parachute. I quickly fell down.

It was a terrible pain as soon as I fell down. Bear Grylls writes in his autobiography that despite falling from a height of 1600 feet I was conscious. I was waiting in pain that the paratroopers would come to save me.


Bear Grylls says I was crying there because I knew deep inside that I had suffered a great loss. Bear Grylls says I started treatment in Africa. Then I somehow reached my country England. It was very painful to move a little. I asked the doctor again and again whether I would be able to walk again. But no one gave me a straight answer.

When I saw the X-ray it was clear that T8, T10 and T12 were broken. Bear Grylls says These are the parts of the waist that are the strongest. Deep shock and scary dreams. The injury was really very serious. While lying in the hospital I felt that maybe I will never be able to walk again. The shock of this was so deep that I used to wake up 2-3 times a night.

My body would sweat. My breath would swell. Because I used to see the same scary dream every night that I am falling from a height and nothing is in my control. I used to regret a lot again and again. When the mind is not right then the body is not healthy. Bear Grylls says This happened to me too. Two months passed. There was no improvement in my health. On the contrary, the pain was getting worse and my body was getting weaker.

Bear Grylls says Those who know me today think that I must have faced that time with a lot of positivity and courage. Bear Grylls says But the truth is the opposite. I was a 21-year-old young man who was very scared because I did not know what would happen to my future.

I used to think all my dreams are over. This despair turned into sadness. Sadness turned into frustration and frustration turned into anger. I was angry at everything. I was very negative and depressed. Bear Grylls says At that time, I knew inside that I need to change my mind.

I wanted to feel alive again. I did not know that a small picture would change my life. Bear Grylls says One day, lying on the bed I kept my eyes away and fell on the picture frame.

The picture was of Mount Everest. Since childhood, my father and I had a dream of climbing Mount Everest. Looking at the dust on the frame I felt that the dust has climbed on my dreams and life.

Then I heard a voice inside me I can’t be helpless. I have to do something. Bear Grylls says When no one was watching then I had the courage and with the help of Vaisakhi I stood up and took a picture at a height and cleaned the dust from it.

Bear Grylls says That day I thought I need some hope to get out of this despair. How will I get this hope? While thinking this, I fell asleep. What you sleep while thinking you get the answer from the infinite depth Bear Grylls says The next day, I suddenly remembered my grandmother’s words.

Grandma was a very spiritual and generous woman. Grandma often used to tell me Little Bear What is happening All is well Grandma used to say Little Bear Whenever you are in trouble always remind yourself Everything happens by his will That’s why nothing can go wrong. Bear Grylls says At that moment I felt the truth of those words.

I felt that some unknown power has kept me safe. What will happen in this life? Will I be able to walk? Will I be able to work in the special force? Now I don’t need to worry about it. At that moment there was so much power that I felt that someone has taken the burden of worry from my shoulders.

When the worry was less then slowly the clouds of despair and sadness also left. When the mind was healthy then the body also started getting better. Bear Grylls says After this incident I started getting better suddenly.

I saw in the x-ray that the speed of bones joining has increased a lot. That day I realized the power of All is well. Then I promised myself that now I will not be sad for anything.

Before worrying about myself I will say All is well. Bear Grylls says Since that day I have been doing Bear Grylls says Now I started feeling normal. One day while sitting I was thinking that whatever happened has happened.

Now I have to do some brave work in life. I want to do something big. Lesson 2 Great goal To get out Be ready to do something big.

I was thinking that my eyes went to the picture of Everest. Unknowingly I picked it up. Bear Grylls says After seeing the picture I said loudly As soon as I get well I will climb Everest.

And that day I made another promise to myself. Without any fear or doubt I will live. Lesson 3 Life is a priceless gift in every situation.

Bear Grylls says When I used to say that I will get well and climb Everest then people used to ignore what I said. But now I had a dream. I wanted to get well and climb Everest as soon as possible.

Bear Grylls says I agree that life is very tough. Sometimes there is injustice and sometimes you make mistakes. But despite this life is a priceless gift.

When you keep your dream alive and believe in yourself then this life starts supporting you. You feel happiness from inside. Then you realize that no matter how tough life is if you follow your dreams then this is a gift.

Bear Grylls says After the third month of the accident the pain started to reduce. After 8 months I was able to leave the hospital center. After getting completely well within a year I came back to SAS.

But doctors told me that I can’t jump with military load. There is a risk of back injury. So I started teaching survival training in SAS.

But I knew that I had no future in SAS. So I left the job. People ask Bear how did you achieve all this? What is the secret? Lesson 4 Keep Going After leaving SAS I was unemployed.

And to climb the average for training and equipment I needed around 25 lakh rupees. Bear Grylls says that I wrote to 250 companies for sponsorship and I got 250 places. Because I didn’t know how to speak in corporate language and write proposals.

But I promised that I will live without any fear and doubt. So despite the rejection I didn’t stop. Once I went to meet Richard Branson but the secretary drove me away.

Then I somehow met the CEO of a company. I had only 2 minutes. The CEO saw my passion and trusted me with a 21 year old son and agreed to 10,000 dollars.

When a big company sponsored me 5-6 other companies also sponsored me. Bear Grylls became the youngest British to climb Bear Grylls says that the Everest journey was very difficult. I lost 2 lives and 4 companions died.

But after this journey my faith in these 4 lessons was confirmed. I started talking to people and they to their company’s seminars. I came to some documentaries.

Then one day we made a pilot episode of Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls says that I never looked back in my life because of Summary The answer to what you saying very good.

When everything happens at his will, nothing can go wrong. Bear Grylls says that I felt the truth in these and promised that I will anything now. I will say all is well Bear Grylls says that I will something more to get Lesson 3 Life is priceless because when you keep your dreams alive and believe in yourself you feel happiness from inside.

Then you realize that no matter how difficult life is if you follow your dreams then life is a priceless gift. Lesson 4 Keep going Without any fear and doubt means moving forward continuously and Bear Grylls did life till the end. Napoleon Hill in his book Think and Grow Rich says that for success you need perseverance and without perseverance there is no success.


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