Amazing Ways to Manage Stress in all situations of your Life

The first mantra to control stress is Always live in present moment. I ask you a question. Can you control your past? The event that has happened.


Can you take it back and fix it? If it is a negative event for you. No. Neither you can do it nor I can do it.


No one in the world has so much power that what happened, he can change it in reverse. So it is better that we do not worry about the past. We should give more importance to the past and waste our present.


What is the problem? We run our mind only in the past. In the past or in the future. We never keep our mind in the present.


Now we get stressed either we are stuck in the past or we are lost for the future. Our focus is not on the present. You are a student.

Any event, any emotional feeling, any argument. For example, if your parents say something to you, if you have an issue with your friend or any kind of event in your life. If you get stuck in it and keep remembering it, then you are ruining your present moment.


Many times you must have faced this problem that you are studying but you do not feel like studying. Why? Because you are physically present with the book. You are mentally absent.

Your thoughts are continuously running in your mind about a past event or you are having anxiety. Continuous thoughts are running in your mind about the future. That if my performance in the exams is not good, then what will happen? If my parents’ expectations are not met, then what will happen? My friends will make fun of me.

Dear students, neither you get stuck in the past, nor worry about the future. Just stay in the present moment. Make efforts, take positive actions and enjoy the present moment.

Because today will decide your future. The second mantra is Believe in your strengths. Every person is unique in himself.

If you compare yourself with a friend or someone else, then I will tell you that you are continuously insulting yourself. We should never compare ourselves with others. If we like someone or admire someone or he is our favorite, then we should only observe his life and what he does to be successful.

What is his way of studying? How does he come in the category of toppers? If you follow someone as a role model, then it is fine. But if you continuously compare yourself with someone else, then it is a sign of danger. Believe in your uniqueness.

Every person is unique in himself. For example, a fish can swim in water and a bird can fly in the sky. Which one is better? Both are good.

Both are unique in themselves. Because a fish can’t fly, a bird can’t even swim in water. Comparison Our nature is that we continuously compare ourselves with others.

Every person’s strength is different. Every person has some or the other weakness. My clear advice to you is if you want to avoid stress, then work hard on your strength and make your strength stronger.

Pay attention to your weaknesses and try to convert them into strength. This way you can easily avoid stress. Third mantra is Focus on solution, not on problem.

Why do we get stressed? Because if any small or big problem comes in our life, then we continuously think only about the problem. We don’t pay attention to the solution. The mind will give you continuous suggestions If any small or big problem comes in front of you, then you are stuck in it and thinking only about the problem.

That’s why you can’t come out of it. Accept whatever has happened and think what is the best solution I can get in this situation. Shift your focus on the solution of the problem.

Your stress will disappear in a snap. Next mantra is Recharge yourself. When any event or situation is troubling you and you feel like studying, then you should take a break and shift your mind.

You can listen to any light music, you can do light exercises, you can do breathing exercises, you can do yoga, you can do meditation. Any exercise or any music that lightens your mood and helps you change your mental state, you can do this and refresh yourself. Fifth and last mantra is Value yourself.

Do you know why stress comes in our life? Because we often give our remote control to others. They press the channel as they wish. Sometimes they hurt our emotions, sometimes they hurt our feelings.

Sometimes their actions or words hurt our feelings and we go into a state of stress. And whether it is a small or a big thing, it disturbs us and wastes our time. And when we see the passing of time, we feel that what has happened? We have wasted such an important time that we had to invest in studies.

My dear students, you should never give your life’s remote control to others. You keep your remote control with you and operate it according to yourself. Because the time will pass slowly and it will not come back.

And because of this, you may regret later that I wasted my important time by thinking about some useless feeling.


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