Achieve anything in 45 Days applying 369 Law of Attraction & Affirmation Technique

In this article we will discuss about  very powerful manifestation technique which is known as 369 Manifestation Technique which is also known as Nikola Tesla Secret Code. This is a very powerful technique which many world famous people have used in their life and have achieved a lot of success.


As you see, the world is created for you. There is an old Vedic principle Yatha Drishti Tatha Srishti means As you see the world, the world will be created. For you, as if you are ordering it that you become like this for me.


If you want anything in this world, then you will get it very easily just by accepting that you deserve it. This is exactly what we keep hearing want and get. Whatever we wish, it can manifest.


You just need to know the right way and at the same time you should have unbreakable faith in it. Today we are going to share a technique with you which will help you to fulfill your wish. The name of this technique is 369 Manifestation Technique.


The world of cause and effect. We all live in a world where the importance of cause and effect is very high. How healthy are you? How happy are you? How much wealth do you have? Who are your friends? Where do you work? Where do you travel? What kind of people live around you? All this is an effect.

We can see these effects easily. But we cannot see the cause easily. And sometimes we choose the wrong path. We all have a goal. Many of you are looking for a good job. Some want to take life to the next level.


Some want to get out of some problems. To achieve all these good and positive goals with a positive mind we move forward with this 369 Manifestation Technique with a open mind.

What is 369 Manifestation Technique

What is 369 Manifestation Technique? This technique is a method of Law of Attraction in which you can go with positive repetition and fulfill any wish. Everything you want in your life you can attract it to you. 369 Manifestation Technique is a very extraordinary theory of a well-known scientist of the 19th century Nikola Tesla.

As an inventor of radio, AC power and remote control we know Nikola Tesla but his technique could not become so famous. The reason is obvious. We humans do not value that thing which is not visible.

Those who do not believe in it have only one line for them that you can’t even see electricity then why are you taking the trouble to pay your electricity bill. It is not necessary that you understand all the secrets of the universe. The important thing is that we use those secrets to fulfill our wishes.

We have to have complete faith only then we can go beyond a level and see things in actuality. After that we can break every threshold and take a leap of faith and achieve every goal in life and only then our life will change. Tesla told us about this technique that when you study circles you know about 360 degrees.

Whenever you divide a circle you get only 369 numbers. Like if you take a quarter of a circle you get only 90 degrees. In that quarter, there are 369 multipliers and the other 3 quarters have 270 degrees which are 369 multipliers.

With these examples we clearly understand what Tesla wants to tell us. In his later discoveries it became clear that 369 is very important in our nature. After decoding this pattern Tesla said that if you understand the power of 369 then you will open the secret door and your life will change and you will get everything that you want in your life.

When we came to know about the secret door of the universe we got excited and we hope that you will also be excited to know about the secrets that you can get through the 369 Manifestation Technique.

Affirmation Technique

Before you understand this method we want to tell you about Affirmation in short because Affirmation will be the source of life.  Affirmation is a simple, positive and definite statement which we say to ourselves like we have got it in our real life.

For example, if I have a lot of stress in my life and I want to be happy then I will say to myself that I am very happy and I am feeling good. Thank you. It looks very simple but its positive vibes work like magic around us and we will attract things which will help us to be happy.

The universe in which we live is made up of our thoughts. Just like our thoughts we will attract the same situation towards us. Affirmation plays an important role It keeps reminding the universe and also tells the solution to it.

Let’s understand it in detail. How does this 3-6-9 manifestation technique work? In this technique, number 3, 6 and 9 are very important. In numerology, number 3 is related to the direct source of the universe where it is believed that all human wishes originate from here.

If you understand the power of number 3 then you will be at the root of the universe and you will be fulfilled in all your wishes. In Hindu religion, number 3 is considered You must have heard about the trinity of gods Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The three eyes of Lord Shiva which signifies truth, chit, and happiness.

We have heard about the three eyes in many stories in our childhood. Triveni Sangam, Confluence of three rivers, Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati. These words also tell us about the importance of number 3. Number 6 signifies the power within us.

By awakening it, you can influence the energy within you, which will become a medium to unite you with your wishes. And with this energy, you will be able to fight against all the obstacles and achieve your goal. If we operate the Old Testament book of Genesis, then we will know that God also took 6 days to create this universe.

This is also related to Venus planet in astrology, which is a symbol of love. The maximum things around us are made of carbon. Coincidentally, this is number 6. We all are affected by our past.

And because of this, we are not able to move forward with confidence. Number 9 helps us to separate this past from us and eliminates self-doubt and negativity so that we can embrace new opportunities with full faith. Even in the Bible, we learn about the 9 fruits of God’s Holy Spirit.

Faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, long-suffering, love, peace, and self-control. You have seen that these three numbers are very special. And with their systematic and synchronized use, we can easily open the secret door of the universe and take our favorite things.

It will be the same as you take water or fruit from the fridge of your house and eat it. It’s really that simple. You just need to have faith in yourself.  With full confidence, tell the universe your wish. You will definitely get what you want. And you deserve it.

What to do with this technique? If you are understanding the power of these three numbers, then you are ready. And you can open all the doors that you always wanted to open. It can be any door.

Prosperity, happiness, healthy life, financial independence, lovely relationship, new career opportunities, anything you want in your life. So let’s learn to implement this 369 Manifestation Technique one by one.

Step 1. Knowing your wish means half the work is done.

If we start walking on any path like this, then you can reach unknown places. But we all want to go to a particular place in our life. And we don’t want to reach anywhere. If someone wants to be a great musician, someone wants to be a famous doctor, someone wants to be an engineer, someone wants to be a great flyer, someone wants to be famous. Similarly, to reach a particular place, we should first finalize it. You should clearly know what you want.

What do you wish for? Only then you will be able to walk in the right direction for that wish and achieve that goal. For example, if you want to be happy, then you have to decide that happiness is your goal.    

Step 2. Accept that your wish has been fulfilled and be thankful.

Until you can’t trust any wish, that wish will always remain in doubt and you will never be able to attract it to you. Because you are not mentally ready It’s like I come to give you something and you are not interested at all or you are not able to consider yourself a worthy owner of that thing. In both cases, you will not be able to keep that thing with you.

In fact, if I give you that thing and leave, it is quite possible that you find it useless and you give it to someone else. Anyway, you can understand how important it is to be mentally ready to bring your wish to your life with all your heart. We mentioned a wish earlier which was I am feeling very happy and good.

Thank you. You must have seen that when people are very depressed, they laugh loudly at any small thing or joke. You may feel a little weird at that time.

But in reality, a person who is so depressed only needs an excuse to smile. This is his wish that he should be happy and smile. When you decide to be happy, you start attracting all those things from that moment itself to make you happy.

The universe matches your vibration and starts sending you everything that will help you stay happy. Like you go to a shop where you only get happiness and ask for all kinds of happiness small, big, fat, thin. And if you live according to your wishes, then believe me, those wishes will come to you twice as sweet.

This is called the gratitude principle which works like a secret ingredient in the universe. You can consider it as a catalyst of the chemistry class which speeds up the reaction. You keep your wishes positive which will keep you happy and wish that no one gets hurt.

Try to work on one wish at a time. This will keep your focus and energy concentrated and the universe will also know about your firm intention. When you have the key to the secret door of the universe, then what is the hurry? Let a wish come true and then start attracting wishes and miracles in your life.

Step 3. Let love happen.

Now we open the magical box of the 369 manifestation technique and knock on the secret door of the universe. Every morning when you wake up, you have to write your wish three times.

To write it, keep a small copy near your bed so that you don’t have to wake up in the morning and find that copy. It can be any pen. When you write, feel its feelings. Visualize it. You see that your wishes have been fulfilled and what changes are visible For example, if our wish is to stay away from stress and be happy, then write, I am very happy and feeling good. Thank you.

While writing this line, we will go to that moment where we will only feel happiness. With visualization, you can live the future in the present. So we will visualize in the morning that all our work that had stopped, those who were worried, have all been done and we will visualize what changes are happening around us It is possible that by having those works, you will be able to feel the confidence that comes.

How are you feeling to do the next work with that confidence? How much respect are your friends and relatives giving you? And if you are getting some money then see what you are doing It is possible that you have made a lot of promises that after this work, you will fulfill some things. So by fulfilling those promises, how are you bringing a smile on people’s faces? And most importantly, how much happiness are you able to feel from it? Feel all these feelings and write your wish three times while meditating on these feelings. Do not let any self-doubt come.

If you get any self-doubt while writing, then immediately turn that negative thought into a positive thought and immerse yourself in the feeling of happiness. When you have written your wish three times, put the copy aside and thank the universe and start your daily work with that feeling in a confident way that you are the real claimant of getting everything. Now it is the turn of the magic number 6. Take out that copy again around noon and write the same wish six times Remember to do it as you did in the morning.

You have to feel those feelings This time you will get energetic vibes because you have knocked on the secret door of wishes in the morning itself. Now you are amplifying these feelings. With full faith, write your wish six times.

Just feel those vibes that will come to you after this wish is fulfilled and start your daily work again with a confident outlook that you will definitely get everything you want. If you work somewhere or go out, then carry a copy of your wishes and take out some time in the afternoon and do this process on priority. The more sincere you will be and do the whole process with dedication, the more this universe will know about your determination.

If you don’t do the whole process being sincere for your goals, then how will the universe expect that it will also do its work. So just do your work sincerely and let the universe do its work. Now you have come to the last stage of this magical cycle.

While sleeping, take out the copy of your wishes again and this time also feeling those feelings, write your wishes nine times so that the magical powers associated with number 9 will free you from the chains of your past and take you on a new path where your wishes are waiting for you. Normally we don’t discuss dreams, assuming that anything logical happens in dreams. But when you awaken the power of this number 9 while sleeping, then it is absolutely possible that you will get a sign through your dreams.

Maybe you will find a way to fulfill your wishes that you never thought of and the paths will take you straight to your goal. In a day like this, you have completed a cycle of the 369 manifestation technique and also activated the secret ingredient of 369. Just by completing this cycle, you must be getting a good feeling and you must be feeling your wishes in your life.

In this way, you have to complete all 45 cycles of this technique. You have to be committed daily and move forward with full feelings and positivity. Feeling the fulfillment of your wishes and faith in yourself, you have to complete this 369 cycle daily for 45 days.

Always keep a copy of your wishes so that when you move forward on the path of completion of your present wish or when your wishes are fulfilled according to you, then you start attracting other wishes in this copy. All you need is to be sincere and have faith in your wishes and take care of them. Keep in mind that when you activate this 369 ritual, you do not use a computer.

The written words are very powerful and you can feel them directly in your subconscious mind and can activate your emotions at a very deep level. These emotional vibes, matching vibes and conditions of the universe will attract you and help you to reduce the time it takes to fulfill your wishes.

Step 4. Work on your Faith

Your thoughts make you. According to a research, we get more than 60,000 thoughts and what we achieve in our life depends on the management of our thoughts. When you follow the 369 ritual, you have to work on your thoughts as well.

As we said earlier, when you activate this 369 cycle, you will get many thoughts and many dreams. You have to work on those thoughts and dreams with wisdom and move forward with the right interpretation so that those favorable events can happen in our life and we can attract our wishes. Everything is possible with time.

The universe runs on a system. The laws of nature are very simple. By following this, humans have made many inventions and explored celestial bodies. By sitting here, we have calculated the nanoseconds of a second and designed a spaceship and have successfully sent it into space and will bring the desired results and will continue to do so. But all this was only possible when you understood the laws of nature and believed them and used them for your benefit. You never went against them.

You just lived in that flow state and achieved your results. Know this and believe. Think like a human. As we said earlier, the world will be colored in the same way Do not delay. Give the universe a description of your color and let it fill your dreams Use it with confidence in the morning, afternoon and night. Leave the rest to the magical powers of the universe so that your wishes and the distance between them can be met soon.

Let the universe dance to your wishes. We wholeheartedly hope that with this method, all your wishes can be fulfilled and you can attract your desired wishes and live your life. Thank you.


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