8 Neurobics Exercises For Increasing Brain Power

How To Increase Brain Power

Warren Buffett was very interested in Maths and Numbers since his childhood. One day, he saw a man buying soda from a machine. He was very curious to see this. And all the people who were drinking soda from that machine and throwing the bottle caps there, Warren Buffett collected all those bottle caps and counted them at home that night. And he did this process for many weeks. From which at the end he found out which brand is selling more in the market. Which flavor people like more. And with this mindset, when he grew up, he started analyzing these stocks like bottle caps. Where he not only analyzed numbers but also analyzed the whole business.And he used to find out the value of the company from it. What Warren Buffett was doing in his childhood is called Neurobics Exercises in Science. These Neurobics Exercises reduces your mental fog and boosts your mental clarity. With the help of these exercises, the process of generating new neuron cells in our brain becomes faster. 


These neuron cells are used to transfer information in our brain. It becomes even faster.And our brain power increases. Today I will tell you about 8 types of Neurobics Exercises. Which will help to increase your brain power.So if you are ready, then write in the comment, I am ready. The first 3 exercises are test and trick your brain. With the help of these 3 exercises, you can test your brain daily.You can increase your cognitive abilities. In which the first exercise is multicolored text. 


There are different words written in different colors on your screen.You just have to say the name of these colors. It is not as easy as it seems. Because you have to say the name of the color in which the word is written.You don’t have to read that word. So let’s go. See, it wasn’t that easy.When you do this exercise, your brain strengthens the connection between both hemispheres. Because text and color are stored in different hemispheres of the brain. 


So the benefit of this exercise is that the chances of getting Alzheimer’s disease are reduced.Our focus increases and we can switch between two tasks more easily. There is a table in front of you where the numbers are randomly assigned in each cell. Now what you have to do is focus on the number 19 in the middle of this table.And your goal is to track all the numbers from number 1 in ascending order with your eyes. And you have to do this in 30 seconds. 


So get ready.If you have found all the numbers, then congratulations. But if you couldn’t find it, then it’s okay. There are more tests ahead that will speed up your brain.You will get more shelter tables online. You can practice daily. By doing this, the speed of processing your information increases.No. 3 Blindfold exercise By doing this exercise, you remember things better. Because by doing this, your brain’s muscle memory is strengthened.

The exercise is very simple. You have to close your eyes and do small tasks. Remember that you have to do small tasks.You don’t have to drive a car. Small tasks like you can close your eyes and write something on paper. You can make shapes like circle, heart, star, triangle.Or you can write your name. You can practice writing your name by closing your eyes on a computer or mobile. Right now, go to the comment and try to write your name by closing your eyes.


Whether you have written it correctly or not, post it. Let’s see how well you have written. Now the next three exercises are related to hand gestures.This is a very easy exercise where you will learn to trick your brain by using your hands. No. 1 OK and Victory sign Here you have to take out your index finger and middle finger from your right hand and make a victory sign.And at the same time, you have to make an OK sign with your left hand. After doing this, you have to replace it. You have to make a victory sign with your left hand and an OK sign with your right hand.So you have 10 seconds and you have to do it at least 10 times. 

Let’s start. You practice it at least 10 times a day.I know it was very difficult for me in the beginning. No. 2 Make a Circle and a Triangle This is a very small but useful exercise to strengthen the brain muscles.You simply have to make a circle with your left hand and a triangle with your right hand at the same time. You have to make it in the air. Try to make them perfectly.You switch it. Make a triangle with your left hand and a circle with your right hand. It is not as easy as it sounds in this exercise.

But as you become perfect in this exercise, your brain will become powerful. No. 3 Clench Your Fist Now you have to close your fist with all your strength and hold it for 90 seconds.If you do this exercise with your right hand, then your memory formation ability will increase. And if you do it with your left hand, then your memory recall ability will increase. And I am not saying this, but the psychologists of Montclair State University are saying this.

Use Your Non-Dominant Hand Friends, I want that if you want to apply any of these exercises, then it should be this one. If you brush your teeth with your right hand in the morning, then do it with your left hand in the morning. Just like this, whatever small things you do with your right hand, start doing them with your left hand.That is, whichever hand you use, just try to use your other hand. And there is no need to laugh. By not using your dominant hand, it takes a lot of effort for your brain to use the other hand.

Due to which the exercise of your brain muscles is done. New neuropathways will be formed in your brain. And your body-mind connection will become even stronger.If you are watching this video till here, and if you always like my videos with your right hand, then like it with your left hand today. Who doesn’t like to play games? Sometimes games become very addictive. That’s why we are told not to play games.But there are some games that if you play in the limit, then your mind can get fast. By game, I mean BGMI, Call of Duty, Candy Crush. Why are BGMI and Call of Duty so addictive? I told this on my personal Instagram.I often share useful things on my Instagram stories. So you can play such games like Sudoku, Chess, Puzzles, Riddles, Monopoly, 2048, Lumosity, etc. 

See, just play such games in which you have to think a lot, which use your brain.Like Chess is such a game that helps a lot in developing your growth mindset. It teaches you to think strategically. It teaches you what should be the next moves in life, in business.Chess teaches you this. Or you can train your brain muscles by solving Rubik’s Cube. I recently learned how to solve Rubik’s Cube.It takes me around 2 minutes to solve it. But in these 2 minutes, I put my full focus on it. And these 2 minutes feel like meditation to me.My favorite Rubik’s Cube which I have, I will give its link in the description. 

You can also take that if you want. Apart from this, you will get many online websites where you can play many games related to brain exercises.Like Brainiton or Lumosity.com. You will get many such free websites or apps on the internet. Where you will get to play fun games for free. With which you will not get bored and your brain will also become fast.Make your brain work. Our habits take all our decisions. And this is what happens that we just keep on following a set pattern.

Like I am walking on autopilot. If you have seen the about section of this book channel, then I have mentioned Newton’s law of motion in it. That an object which is in a state of motion, it will remain in that state of motion only.Unless an external force is applied. So if you are walking on autopilot, then you will keep on walking like this and you will get out of the world like this. So break your pattern and give your brain some challenging work.With this, all the areas of your brain become active. I am telling you 2 things that how you can make your brain sharp by doing something new and challenging. First thing, stop relying on tech.

I agree that technology makes our life easier. But it becomes so easy that our brain does not have to do any work. Now tell me one thing, if you don’t do any work, if you just stay in one place, will your body become weak or not? It happens with the same brain.So try not to use your phone for your small tasks. Like if you have to go to a shop and pay money, then instead of turning on the calculator in your phone, do those calculations in your brain. If you are not able to spell any word, then instead of googling it, first try to remember it by yourself.Try to remember the phone number of your friends or family members. 

This will not only improve your memory, but will also help you in your problems. Memorize your list of things.When you make a list of things and remember them, then your memory does not improve. And you depend on these lists. Now make a list, but when you need this list, then first try to remember what you wrote in this list.Whether it is a list of things, or a list of your daily schedule. If you are not able to remember even after trying a lot, then give that list. With this one habit, your brain’s memory muscles will always be active.Expand your imagination using all 5 senses. 

The biggest problem that we are facing today, is that we always sedate ourselves by watching digital and visual things like TV, laptop or phone. Because of which we don’t have to visualize a lot in our imagination or mind.Everything happens automatically in front of our eyes. And we don’t even have to think much. Because of which our habit of imagining and visualizing is decreasing.Neuroplasticity research has shown that all our 5 senses are directly connected to our body and cognitive functions. That’s why this exercise triggers all 5 senses and helps in increasing your IQ. 

What you have to do is, you have to dream during the day.Now what we mean by this is, when you dream while sleeping at night, all your senses become active. You feel everything is real. You have to do the same thing consciously during the day.Imagine anything and try to experience it using your 5 senses. You can think anything, you can visualize your success, or you can see your idea coming true. You feel everything is real.When you imagine something, you can see it, you can hear it, you can smell it. 

With this, all the senses of your brain become active and work together. You have to do this exercise every day for 15 to 45 minutes daily.And according to research, you will start seeing results in just 2 to 4 weeks. Where your ideas formation, reading ability, and concentration spam will also increase. In this world, all intelligent people are called intelligent because they know how to make their imagination a reality.All the inventions that have happened in this world, they came in someone’s mind as an idea. They thought a lot about it, visualized it, whether it is a car running on the ground, or an aeroplane flying in the sky. 

That’s why when you use your senses to make a habit of imagination and visualization, your IQ starts increasing automatically.Do something new and creative daily. American psychologist Richard J. Heyer wanted to see if the human brain is allowed to participate in a novel or new activity that it has never experienced before. So during that time, what kind of changes occur in the brain? For this, he took the Tetris game as a novel activity.Where he gave this video game to those people who had never played anything like this in their life. And for many weeks, the participants kept playing that game. And the psychologists studied their brain functions.In which it was found that after many weeks of training, the thickness of the participants’ brain corticals had increased. 

And in many areas of their brain, the intake of glucose had increased. Which means their brain was consuming more energy and more neural connections were developing.Which was ultimately increasing their IQ. And with time, they were doing well in this game. But the surprising thing was that with time, the faster the growth in their brain, the slower it started decreasing.Because their brain had understood that game. It had learned to play it. And now it was not having to work so hard.That’s why their brain became lazy. 

That’s why when you do something new every day, learn a new skill or learn a new language, or play a new game, or do some creative work, you have to work harder. The way you lift weights and go to the gym, your muscles get stronger.Similarly, by doing something new or creative, your brain muscles get stronger. Self-control and intelligence are very much connected. And by controlling yourself, you can increase your IQ. In a 2009 Yale study, the participants were given an IQ test. And they were told that they would be given reward money instead of the IQ test. And then they were given two options.Either they could immediately take the reward money or they could take it later. Those who waited for their reward, had higher scores than others in their IQ test. 

The expert concluded that those who resist impulsive decisions and have good control over their emotions and actions, they are more intelligent.American author Myra Mance says, The sign of an intelligent person is their ability to control their emotions by the application of reason. That is, the sign of intelligent people is that they keep their mind and emotions in complete control. So friends, to affirm the words of this video, write in the comments, Yes, I will.Remember that affirmations also have a lot of power. And don’t leave without liking the video. Don’t forget to listen to the summary of the book The Nocturnal Brain.Apart from this, you should definitely listen to a free book summary which is Reclaim Your Brain by Joseph A. Anibali. 

Keep reading, keep learning, keep growing. Thank you for watching.


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